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Since I have been disappointed by many sellers in the past. Now, after reading your feedbacks, I am considering buying it for lifetime. But first i would like to ask you some questions.

I'm sick of getting banned every time after a week, even though I'm not obviously cheating and actually avoid enemies through ESP rather than running towards them.
So my question is what is the ban rate for the private version that you get through the lifetime purchase?

In the past I was banned several times while using the internal flea market when the hack was running.
Can that happen to me here too? Actually, this should not be possible, but I would like to exclude it.

Does the hack also work on an AMD processor? Should be answered with yes, since I have recently upgraded to the new Ryzen.

Is there an exact description/guideline of what not to do under any circumstances? Example: Only one injection per boot, making sure the BEService process is not running,...

I would be glad about an answer to my questions!

Thank you, maxxez

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We always recommend using a spoofer and not to ever cheat on a main account. Our ban rate is relatively low for our private product, seeing most bans stem from HWID rather than product detections. Yes we do support AMD.

Not really a guide on what not to do, other than the obvious. Do not inject when the game is open, etc.

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