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  1. If you cant join the discord here: Please Add me @ Murderherd20#2370 Once i get it we can get you sorted!
  2. Please join here
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    download Please join here
  7. I believe we spoke on this subject in the discord already!
  8. Murderherd20


    Thank man! Feel free to join our discord!
  9. what do you need help with? Are you in the discord? If not please join discord and open a support ticket please we will get you sorted ASAP!
  10. EVERYONE if you are trying to purchase with Paypal/Venmo/Card please DM me here! I try and check often as i can. If your not able to get me here fast enough please DM me on discord at Murderherd20#2370.
  11. BDPeen hit me on discord Murderherd20#2370
  12. BDPeen have you been sorted out? if not join the discord please and open a purchase ticket - once this is done place your order id in there and we can get the delivery for you
  13. Did you get sorted out>?